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Quality Assurance

Each order is processed according to rigorous QA procedures. Depending on individual circumstances these may be expanded or reduced, but in all cases we apply a minimum level of quality control. Our QA processes were developed, & are constantly being improved upon, by our experienced management team, who have been responsible for developing & maintaining QA procedures in the language industry.

Checking & Amending
  • Basic check: all translations undergo at least a first-level check to ensure no omissions or typographical errors
  • Full check: a competent linguist carries out a thorough check to ensure no grammatical errors, misunderstandings, questionable style issues
  • Edit: where a full stylistic rewrite is necessary to adapt an original text into a foreign language “version” rather than a straight translation (e.g. Sales materials)
Desktop Publishing
Foreign language Desktop Publishing can be complex:
  • File format: language versions of some packages may not be available
  • Pagination: text often expands in translation, so manual re-pagination may need to be done
  • Index, Table of Contents, Cross references can all be affected by re-pagination & need careful checking
  • Layout needs to change - e.g. Farsi & Arabic read from right to left (& therefore “back to front”)
  • Artwork: full linguistic & layout proof check of artwork


Final QA
As a last safety procedure, every item is reviewed to ensure:
  • All amendments have been introduced error-free
  • Our Client’s original instructions have been carried out
  • Any relevant issues are drawn to our Client’s attention


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