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Track Records


You can find a sample list of documents we have translated into World languages recently.
Field Description Languages
Advertising  About Morocco  English to Russian
About UAE  English to Russian
ATV promotions flyer and press release  English to Arabic
Dubai Properties Promotion 
English to Arabic, French, Hindi, Persian, Russian
Event Promotion  French to Arabic
High resolution promotion sheets
English to Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese
 Promotion translation  English to 20 languages
Automobile  Technical documents from Mitsubishi  French to English
Aviation  IATA Magazine  Dutch to English
Consultation  Articles of Association  Japanese to Arabic
Company Register  Japanese to Arabic
Education  Accreditation of the private training facilities (ICDL)  Arabic to English
Canadian University in Dubai website  English to French, Persian
Diploma and school certificate  Dutch to English
University degree and scores  Turkish to English
Wollongong University in Dubai documents
English to Arabic, Persian, Russian, Chinese
Electronics  Daewoo AC Catalogue  Korean to English
Dell Promotions & Products Brochures  English to Arabic

Employment contract of an international service solution provides  English to Turkish, Hindi, Sinhalese, Nepalese
Employment related disputes  English to Arabic
Environment Company Brochure  English to Arabic
Waterproofing System (Technical)  English to Arabic 
Financial investment summary  English to Korean
Food Industry 
Promotion, Waste Vegetable Oils  Turkish to English
Health & Safety 

Health, Safety & Environmental policy for employees  English to Sinhalese, Tamil
Children Entertainment Park Safety   English to Arabic
Article: Casual racism of French French to English
University Related Articles  German to English
Hotel & Accommodation  Lifestyle Messages Brochure  English to Arabic
Room Service and Orient Cafe  English to Arabic
Summer in City (Sofitel)  English to Arabic
Immigration  Birth and Marriage Certificate  French to English
  Immigration Application and Correspondence  English to Japanese
Insurance  Emirates insurance website  English to Arabic
Medical  Antiseptic disinfectant English to French
Medical insurance for employees in Dubai  English to Hindi, Urdu
Medical records and accreditation Professor Voigt  German to English
Office Accessories  Pelikan products related docs  English to French
Package & Shipping  Products shipping brochure (QC process)  Japanese to English
Poetry  French Poetry (Folk)  French to Arabic
Real Estate  Project Presentation  English to Arabic, Persian, Russian
Properties Brochure (Hotel Construction)  English to Arabic
Properties Executive Summary  English to Arabic
Real Estate Slogan  English to Arabic, Persian
Real Estate Website  English to Arabic, Russian, German, Persian
Telecommunication  Mobile Phone UI  English to Persian
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